Kiersten Hay

Growing up in the countryside of Ontario, Canada, I quickly learned that the only thing standing between me and boredom was a highly active imagination. Weaving stories quickly became the go-to past time to cure lazy afternoons, taking me from the sun dappled forests to mystical  groves and exotic places. This love of enchantment and travel soon manifested into a desire to translate beauty into reality, ie. a complete obsession with great design.

Mixing the fantastic and the foreign into the tangible has been my forte ever since, whether it be through testing the frontiers of the digital medium, developing new ways to showcase the beauty of ancient crafts, or exploring a new age of fashion journalism. I love creating engaging and beautiful experiences for people, no matter what the subject matter or medium. I’ve honed these abilities through my studies in Fashion Communications at Ryerson University and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), as well as through working projects in Ontario, Amsterdam, Kenya, and Istanbul.

While my roots lie in traditional graphic design and illustration, my future lies both in print and digital. I look forward to challenging and expanding my own design horizons with a wide variety of projects and gaining new inspirations through international experiences. Onto tomorrow, adventure awaits!