Mothers Arms

​ Mothers Arms is an art direction concept for a charity in support of indigenous craftswomen. By using the visual identity of a female biker gang, I aimed to connect ideas of power, freedom, and community to the lives and work of these amazing women. All content was made using a postcolonial feminist framework, meaning all quotes and text is taken directly from personal interviews held with women from both Maasai and Tuscarora communities. The creative component of the project is composed of a pair of mini magazines, a pair of postcards, a reversible manifesto/poster, a hand-stamped box, and a leather biker jacket. Magazine covers, posters, and postcards are all hand screen printed and bound, and the beading on the jacket is done by Maasai women. To read the content of the zines, please click the link below.

Date: March 2014    •    Client: Personal Thesis    •    Role: Art Director    •    visit